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A look ahead at 2016 and what’s in store for specialist road cars

It’s no secret that 2015 was a great year in sport cars and got cars in general. To a road car enthusiasts like me, Truthfully it was probably one of the best years in the last decade or indeed since the release of the very first BMW M3. So why the reason from this excitement that type? Well 2015 so not only update and improvement of existing sports cars such as Audi are eight and BMW M3, In five and other cars that I absolutely love but it also tell the release of an entire new generation of road cars.

To anyone that has spoken to me recently, you will of course know that I’m talking about the Tesla model S and it are you watering performance specifications. Now in previous years I have often been quick to judge electric cars, pretty much writing them off without a second thought, However with the advent of the Tesla model S I can no longer do this.

Tesla competes with the BMW M3 and the Audi R8

I never thought I would see the day when an electric car would be capable of competing with the very best petrol engine performance cars. Take the Audi are eight for example, long been crowned King of settled supercars is understated majestic model of vehicle has been envy of track day enthusiasts and other car connoisseurs like myself.

In 2016 though, I will be putting aside dreams of owning a Nari and I’m proud to say that I will instead be opting for a model of Tesla. These performance cars are not only extremely fast, but I also environmentally friendly something that I think is going to be a crucial Factor in car sales in the coming year. There are also a range of car finance packages available for Tesla, new and innovative way of selling direct to customers rather than through intermediate dealerships has also revolutionised the industry.

Driving the latest performance road cars – BMW M3 Finance & Audi R8 Finance

To anyone who is ever dream of owning a sports car, they will know that they often have a very large price tag associated with them. This year I took full advantage of BMW M3 finance, this allowed me to purchase the very latest model and I have to be perfectly honest, I was extremely pleased with the results. I will be writing about it in future blog posts, however I must say that my new MW and three it’s absolutely incredible, the shape of the body has been reworked and packs boiler has also been altered, BMW really have squeezed every Drop of performance from this car and the fantastic engine contained within.

I was also lucky enough this year to be able to use Audi R8 finance. Now I know what you may be thinking, is it really sensible to purchase two cars or finance? The answer is yes, absolutely. The reason that I chose to purchase is to performance cars on finance despite having the money to pay for them upfront, is simply because I wanted to spread my car finance payments over a longer period of time this allows me to use my money in other ways.

How much did Audi and BMW Finance cost ?

I won’t give you the exact figures, needless to say providing I keep up with the payments and decide to pay my Financial loan off early I will actually end up saving money especially since I can deduct the cost from the expenses of my business. BMW M3 finance in particular was very attractive and came a great great, I selected an option that would allow me to lesson my monthly fees.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about where I got my Audi R8 finance, or ask me any further questions about how you can do something similar for your supercar purchase, then drop me an email, you’ll find it on the contact page.

So what is it actually like to drive an Audi RH? I have to say is been one of the best performance car driving experiences of my life, Audi have insured that the handling on board is perhaps one of the best on the road, second only to the Lotus Elise of course. I would urge anyone out there considering a purchase to first trade on track day and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this beautiful car.